for Part Number 5031 Fuel Pressure Regulator for EFI (45-75 PSI)
with Idle Bleed

Lightweight Ceramic Valve, Hard Anodized Billet, Large Orifice

The Race Pumps fuel pressure regulator installs between the fuel pump and the fuel rails.

The lower port is -8 AN O-ring, this is the inlet from the fuel pump.

The side ports are -8 AN O-ring, these are outlet ports to the fuel rails. You may use just one or both of these ports.

The -4 idle bleed must be returned to the fuel cell.

The #40 jet in the idle bleed will reduce idle pressure by 10-20 pounds.

The 1/8” barbed fitting is a vent. Install a short piece of vacuum hose to a clean/dry area.

The socket head set screw on the top of the regulator adjusts the fuel pressure. Screwing it in increases fuel pressure, out decreases fuel pressure.